Revitalizing our Main Street

Tazewell Today

Tazewell Today is a local initiative to revitalize the Tazewell Main Street community. It is our mission to develop a warm welcoming center that represents the heart of Tazewell and attracts residents and tourists alike through shopping, dining, working, and playing opportunities.
We strive to nurture and share the natural scenic beauty inherent to out town. We plan to restore and maintain the historic landscape of main street as a local attraction to engender a thriving commercial and civic area for all to enjoy.

Tazewell, Virginia

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: The Well Coffee Shop
Community Spotlight: The Well Coffee Shop

This week’s community spotlight shines right to the heart of the Downtown area of Tazewell, where a recently renovated storefront will house a coffee shop that will serve the community…

Community Spotlight: Donut Diva
Community Spotlight: Donut Diva

This week’s community spotlight shines to the curve in the road right before entering Downtown, where a small gourmet donut shop has been making a large impact on the local…

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