This week’s community spotlight shines to the curve in the road right before entering Downtown, where a small gourmet donut shop has been making a large impact on the local area and the palates of many satisfied customers. The shop, Donut Diva, offers incredible donuts, croissants, beverages, and all kinds of other goodies that are made fresh daily. We decided to contact the individual behind these culinary creations to hear more about her life, business, and any other fun facts about herself.

I introduce to you, Sue Carr, who has a job history like no other person you will meet and a plethora of skills and knowledge in numerous facets of life. Over the course of her life, Sue has held various positions in diverse professions such as being a Harley mechanic, special education teacher, and an ostrich farmer! Presently, her favorite location to visit in Tazewell is Lincolnshire Park and in her free time she likes to crochet, read, and go hiking. We asked Sue a series of questions in order to receive more information surrounding her business, its creation, and her connection to the Town of Tazewell:



Why did you decide to start your business and what were the early challenges of its development?

“I’ve wanted to open a bakery for a long time. Looking around Tazewell, it became clear that we were in serious need of donuts! Finding a location was an early challenge, but with the help of the town we found a wonderful spot.”

Why did you decide to locate your business in Tazewell, and more specifically, on Main Street?

“Having lived in Tazewell since ’79, I was excited to be able to offer delicious donuts to all my friends! Main Street was the perfect location, visible and convenient for everyone.”

What type of service or product do you offer, and what about it makes it unique?

“Donut Diva sells gourmet donuts in a variety of flavors, from strawberry shortcake and blueberry bourbon crumble to apple peanut butter toffee and maple bacon. Our donuts are the perfect customizable dessert for any occasion!”

What are some interesting facts about you product or sector that many individuals don’t know?

“Seasonally, we offer Dino Donuts- old fashioned buttermilk donuts made with ostrich eggs!”

Are there any new developments and innovations occurring in your business that you would like the public to know about?

“Our donuts are fresh, hand decorated, and can be ordered ahead and customized for birthdays, weddings, and parties! We deliver to the Bluefield area on Wednesdays and Richlands area on Thursdays.”

How do you view the future of Main Street in Tazewell?

“Main Street is a good, heavily travelled spot for business. The Back of the Dragon brings in visitors from across the United States and all over the world. Lately more and more businesses have been opening up here, which brings more customers for everyone. Main Street’s future is bright and busy.”

For more information on Donut Diva, please use the following contact sources:

Phone: 276-245-5987


Address: 213 Fincastle Turnpike, Tazewell, VA 24651



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    Nancy Greever Brooks
    Posted March 27, 2017 5:10 pm 0Likes

    Fabulous article—good work!!! And fabulous donuts, too! Thank you ,Sue!!!!

  • by
    Irma Mitchell
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    Great article, thanks Sue
    Irma Mitchell

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